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Used for Absorption Chiller Upgrade

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Vortex Flowmeter Technology Used for Absorption Chiller Upgrade at Major Universities

A major University monitors chilled water coming in and out of the chiller plant to determine if there is a loss of water in the system outside the plant. Total BTUs are calculated for each chilled water loop to each campus building. The chilled water is metered after passing through the chiller and is used along with the steam and condenser water flow to balance each chiller. The chiller is balanced to ensure that during operation each chiller operates at optimal operating conditions for maximum cooling of the chilled water and at maximum energy efficiency. Operating the chillers at their optimal operating levels increases the overall efficiency of the chiller, reduces energy and maintenance costs and increases the life of the chiller.


The University was using insertion turbine flowmeters for this application. These flowmeters were chosen primarily because of their low cost. The turbine flowmeters were experiencing accuracy problems and erratic outputs. Maintenance was costly.


The university replaced their turbine flowmeters with Pro-V™ Model 23-EM insertion vortex flowmeters. The main reason the University selected the Pro-V™ Model 23-EM was the flowmeters ability to calculate energy consumption in BTUs directly with its integrated temperature and pressure sensors. Installing the flowmeter through a single pipe penetration simplified the systems complexity and helped reduce initial equipment costs, installation costs and maintenance costs. Another advantage was that the flowmeters are wet calibrated and offer a high degree of accuracy. That combined with the lower maintenance costs associated with its no moving parts design made it the ideal solution. System reliability is up and maintenance costs are down.


  • BTU measurement capability

  • Hot tap solution

  • Cost effective solution

  • Long term maintenance free operation