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Improves Performance for Steel Manufacturer

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Loop Power Mass Vortex Flowmeter Improves Performance for Steel Manufacturer

A major steel manufacturer wanted to improve their process and end product. They use an electric furnace with twelve lines feeding a crucible in which scrap metal is melted to produce steel. They were using orifice plates and volumetric vortex flowmeters, but needed mass flow to improve their accuracy. They also wanted to simplify their system and lower maintenance costs.


Accurate flow measurement is one of the key elements that can affect productivity of an entire manufacturing process. The manufacturer was not happy with the limitations and maintenance issues of the orifice plate flowmeters they were using. The orifice plates had poor rangeability, about 4:1. An orifice plate requires a DP transmitter, and impulse lines. The impulse lines require periodic check-up and freeze-prevention measures, which translate to additional installation, operation, and maintenance costs.

In addition, their current system required a flow computing system for compensation of temperature and pressure. As a result, the accuracy was poor and the system was complicated and costly to maintain.


The steel manufacturer replaced their orifice plates and volumetric vortex flowmeters with the Pro-V™ M22 loop powered mass vortex flowmeter providing mass flow measurement over the existing two wires, saving them time, simplifying the systems complexity, and reducing installation cost. The steel manufacturer selected the Pro-V™ M22 because of its ability to provide significantly higher accuracy with greater rangeability and also because of its integrated temperature and pressure sensor. The Pro-V 22 provided a cost-effective, reliable, low maintenance solution, with its rugged all welded design.


  • Improved quality of production process

  • Cost effective solution

  • Long term maintenance free operation

  • Reduced operating/maintenance costs